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Like extras in an old western movie

Covered in chaos and dust

Arms entwined

Tumbling down the mountainside

We cannot deny it, and we cannot hide

The fear of discovery

The quick rewind

What the mirror will find

The Masai and the supermodel know

The camera lens can steal your soul

Take a picture of this madness

Take your place among the stones and statues

The bravest glow in the light of the summer

growing green at the roots and carrying the tune

To the real reason why

We are all afraid to die

The ending we know

It’s the same old show

The villain gets what you would expect

A bullet to the heart or a noose around the neck

Creeping up through the valley

Crawling on hands and knees

Born screaming our lungs out

Called from distance galaxies

Shot through the dark eternal abyss

Up from the agony of mother’s cries

Birth pangs dragging our new souls to the light

Here we find this truth between us

Hoping if we don’t say it

We won’t have to explain it

The hero rides in on a white horse

Whistling a love song

When you’re gone don’t be gone too long

When you coming home

When you coming home

When you coming  home

You don’t know how far I’ve been

Waiting by the kitchen door, low light flickering through the window in the night storm

Sister wind, father sun, brother moon, change the tune, beat the drum

What will we become

Can you see me waiting here

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Black lava rocks

White Yellow Pink Gold flowers

Grey-blue starlit skies

The hum and whir of the jacuzzi jets

The sound of passing cars

In the thick humidity and scorching heat

Stray cats beg outside the sliding doors.

Peering hopefully into the well-appointed living room that leads to the kitchen

Unfed, unwanted unreformed

Grateful for some fried chicken, slices of ham, and crackers but too wild not to wait until we are gone to take it

Reality t.v. Flickers across the screen in one of the bedrooms

Where Dr. Phil is cooling emotional volcanoes that his remarks initially caused to erupt

He always seems to know what he's doing.

Turning his victims into clowns one confrontation at a time

Reruns of The Kardashians cover Cuba with lip gloss and hairspray and thick eyelashes.

They can't see through to the lavish meals they share and the hunger on the streets.

Kanye's film in Super 8 will go down in a 70's haze without realizing it's earlier in history when they lost their freedom.

Someone writes their name in white rocks against the black lava backdrop so the highway workmen and the passing cars can see their name in lights as they drive from South to North on the main highway.

Reaching up to an endless sky and mountain made to touch the stars 500 million light-years away.

It would take too long to get our message to the other planets, and if we could? Hello out there. Friend or Foe?

Unrelated but of interest, I am the only one with mosquito bites, maybe because the Koi ponds and Japanese Gardens caught my eye.

On a Yellow bike with no gears and breaks like the 1950's push the pedals backward and wait for it to happen.

This bike would fit in the Cuban Kardashian photo display.

When you ride the lava trail, there are no shadows when the heat beats you down, and the symbols and signs of the Petroglyphs offer a glimpse of the way to good conversation.

Mean what you say and make it clear

Cuts on my feet from the black lava stones inside the aqua sea get washed away in the surf and soft sandy bottom.

I could float here forever and never want to leave.

On the Island Bachelor show, the losers stick together.

Unloved and unwanted waiting to be kicked off the island while the others hover in their lover's beds barely concealed by the cameras

One without a match passes out from too much longing and too little time.

In his orange-flowered Ralph Lauren Bermuda shorts, it wasn't what Ralph had in mind when the ads went out.

Designer love is not in the air.

Maybe Ralph had his share of rejection growing up poor in the Bronx planning his romantic imagination empire.

Goats on the roadside look like the RollingStones in hip fur jackets with rugged features and narrow eyelids.

They chew their food with an attitude.

They could probably sing "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" or "Wild Horses" as well as anybody with their bleating cries and kicking of the hooves.

The groove could go down in the heart of the dormant volcano.

While ashes and starlight serenade them

They stand defiantly in front of me as I try to center them in the eye of my iPhone.

They are dark against the stones.

Camouflage Billy goat, gruff rock stars in the sun, drenched window to God's creation

Humor and beauty find balance here.

I find my balance here swimming with sea turtles while keeping a respectful and legal distance and then at night floating on my back in the pool counting stars in distant galaxies.

I am a speck on the face of eternity.

Avoiding vanishing into a black hole by an exquisite and perfect balance of gravity and light and the sunshine

He wrote my name in the stars.

He loves me

He had known my name before it cracked the surface of the earth.

I can dive this deep into the ocean, and I can come up for air.

Made for me to breath

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New Years revolution

Find a solution to the problems within

Without a scream without a shout

Without anger without doubt

Winsome lovely

Always leaning into light

Love is all

Love is the answer

Love is the call

With out a wicked grin or a sarcastic spin

Listen to hear

Listen with a love of understanding

Listen with the intent to learn something you don’t already know

Listen for the stillness in a human soul

When it’s wings are lifted to flight

When it’s reason for existing is alive

Not a cosmic accident of a scientific mode

Another image to upload

Listen you are made for love and reason

Listen you are wanted known and needed

Listen you are beautiful and bright

Listen you are born for the light

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